Dress Code

Dress Code on the Course (including practice areas and putting green):

The dress code that shall apply on the course is in accordance with the regulations laid down by Golf Ireland.

The following Items of Dress are NOT PERMITTED:

* Denim jeans
* Sleeveless and collarless shirts (ladies excepted)
* Sweaters without shirts
* Garments displaying slogans
* Sports shirts in team colours, i.e. football/rugby etc.
* Track or Leisure suits
* Shorts other than tailored shorts (for example sports, beach, cargo shorts, are not acceptable)
* Trouser legs tucked into socks
* Shirts not tucked inside trousers
* Trainers or runners

The wearing of tailored shorts must be accompanied by either knee length socks or white sports ankle socks.


Dress Code in the Clubhouse (including car park and surrounds):

The on-course dress code shall apply within the clubhouse with the following exceptions:

* Course foot wear is unacceptable within the clubhouse, except in changing rooms and their environs.
* Denims may be worn in the clubhouse, (but not slashed, frayed, or painted etc.)
* Head gear should be removed within the clubhouse.

A breach of this dress code may result in disciplinary action being taken in respect of a member, and to a visitor being asked to leave the course or clubhouse by a member of staff or council.