George SummersCaptain 2018
I am honoured and privileged to be elected Captain of a club with such a rich heritage and diversity. I very much appreciate the support and good wishes from council and members.
I would like to congratulate our newly elected Lady Captain Donna Gillespie,President Dessie Houston,Lady Vice Captain Patricia Brennan and Vice Captain Ian Berry. I wish them an enjoyable and successful year ahead and look forward to working with them .
To our immediate Past Captain Trevor , our immediate past President Tom and their respective wives Elaine and Sheila. congratulations on the completion of a very successful term in office. Their level of commitment and support to the club has reached new heights.
A big thank you to all the staff for their commitment to making the club house and course such an enjoyable experience.
Like all clubs they exist primarily on voluntary input from members, I would therefore wish to thank the officers, councillors, committee members and team Captains for their ongoing hard work.
To John our professional and Chris his assistant ,thanks for your continuing friendly and helpful service .
Over the years, the club has achieved incredible competition success, and I feel sure that the golfing talent within the club can again come to the fore. I wish all our teams every success in the year ahead wearing the club colours with pride.
I am sure most golfers are aware that the game of golf is contracting, resulting in increasing pressure on clubs to remain viable. With the bulk of our income derived from membership fees ,I would encourage members to promote the benefits of the club and encourage anyone interested to make an enquiry.

I close by wishing everyone an enjoyable season for 2018.

Past Captains

Year Name
2015 S Blackley
2014 L Patterson
2013 G.D.Gillespie
 2012  T.H. Millar M.B.E.
 2011  D. Rankin M.B.E.
 2010  J. Bennett
 2009  T. McVeigh
 2008  R.J. Smythe
 2007  R.R. Donnan M.B.E.
 2006  D. Houston
 2005  R.J. Taylor
 2004  W.T. Snoddon
 2003  J.A.L. Campbell
 2002  A. Sproule
 2001  S. Halliday
 2000  M.E. Crowe
 1999  W.M. Boyd
 1998  W.I. Blackstock
 1997  Dr. C.C. Fleming
 1996  T. Cassidy
 1995  D.A. Pink
 1994  K.J.G. Patterson
 1993  R.S. Gourley
 1992  W.A. Rogan
 1991  W. Morrow
 1990  D.G. Moore
 1989  J.N. Walker
 1988  R. Anderson
 1987  J. Neill
 1986  W.H. Hughes
 1985  J.D. McCleery
 1984  Dr. D.S. White O.B.E.
 1983  J.D. Collins
 1982  W.H. Chambers
 1981  T. Thompson
 1980  G.L. Rodgers
 1979  Dr. C.G. Alexaner O.B.E. M.C
 1978  D.C Mills
 1977  B. Glass
 1976  J.D. Bell
 1975  E. Uprichard
 1974  J. Lee
 1973  C.D. Patterson
 1972  H.R. Hancox
 1971  Dr J.M.W. McBride
 1970  H.S. Eaton
 1969  Dr A.C. Millar
 1968  F.C. Oldham
 1967  Dr R.A. Johnston
 1966  N.S. Colhoun
 1965  H.A. Laughlin
 1964  N.C. Cooke
 1963  D.A, Kyle
 1962  E.T.H. McBride
 1961  N.G. White
 1960  J. Stewart
 1959  T.C. Stewart
 1958  W.P. Hewitt
 1957  J. Emerson
 1956  W. McKnight
 1955  F.W. Harcourt
 1954  Dr E.L. White
 1953  J.A. Knight
1952  A.E. Gibson
 1951  T.J. Cousins
 1950  A.E. Gibson
 1949  J.N. Wilson
 1948  F.W. Wilson
 1947  S.T. Flemming
 1946  J.H. Gillespie
 1945  W.H. Palmer
 1944  W.H. Wood
 1943  J.M. Irwin
 1942  W.J. Fullerton
 1941  J.H. McCleane
 1940  J.D. Collins
 1939  J.D. Cheyne
 1938  M. Jackson
 1937  Dr M. Cunningham
 1936  M. Porter-Thompson
 1935  J.W.I. Stephen
 1934  J.B.H. Gorman
 1933  R. Barritt
 1932  R.M. Rogers
 1931  H. Stevenson
 1930  J.E. Anderson
 1929  J. McGladdery
 1928  W.R. Gill
 1927  Dr S.R. Hunter
 1926  T.H. Graham
 1925  J. Higginson
 1924  G. Weir
 1923  J.G. Spring
 1922  A.E. Moore
 1921  J.M. Mack
 1920  W. Heslip
1919  W. Gordon
 1918  A.E. Taylor
 1917  R.J. Boyd
 1916  A.P. Tippey
 1915  B.C. Quarry
 1914  G.C. Gillespie
 1913  J.F. Mont
 1912  F.S. Wilson
 1911  J. McGowan
 1910  Dr D.P. Gaussen
 1909  J.S.E. McCance
 1908  E.J. Travers
 1907  F. Ewart
 1906  J.R. Bristol
 1905  J. Williams
Desmond Houston2018 President
Donna GillespieLady Captain 2018
Thomas Gracey2016 Juvenile Captain

Past Presidents

Year Name
2016-2018 T. Millar M.B.E
2014-2016 J. Neill
2012-2014 Dr. C.C. Fleming
2010-2012 K.J.G. Patterson
2008-2010 G.L.Rodgers
2006-2008 J.D.McCleery
2004-2006 Dr.D.S.White O.B.E.
1998-2004 J.D. Collins
1992-1997 B. Glass
1986-1991 H.A. Laughlin
1983-1985 H.S. Eaton M.B.E.
1977-1992 H. Bell
1970-1976 F.C. Oldham
1966-1969 H. Stevenson
1953-1965 J.D. Barbour
1905-1952 Rt. Hon. Sir J.M. Barbour D.L.
Course Status

Course Status

Course  Open 18 holes are open 19th Feb